The Design

  • tickMulti-Connectivity Interfaces & Integrated Sensors
  • tickWIFI & BLE Mesh Communication Network​
  • tickLow Power Consumption & Battery Indicator​
  • tickSingle User Interface for Control & Monitoring​
  • tickScalability for Various Extended Applications​

Feature Set

Robust, Affordable, & Easy-to-use Sensor Technology to Create a Connected Agriculture Ecosystem​

Power Management

  • Best-in-class power management design​
  • Provides 12 months of functional life on 2 AA batteries​


  • Sensor & communication failures​
  • Battery life indicator​

Ease of Use​

  • Single interface for setup & monitoring​
  • Single switch Power ON / OFF with reset function​


  • Single Chip Integrated Circuit with a BLE interface​
  • Minimal Component solution devoid of digital convertors​​

Plant Care Engine​

  • Exhaustive plant database​
  • Growth recommendations & remedies​


  • State-of-the-art BLE Mesh Network​
  • Suitable for small to large grow areas​