Key Features & Benefits

The application features well-defined business processes that drive continuous improvements. The Enterprise Suite is a complete ERP that consolidates all your business processes and information into a single system. Track every seed, phase, ingredient, product, result, interaction, route, order, customer, vendor and much more. This suite covers the core components comprising Sales & Purchase management, Inventory management, Operations & Human resources.
We run reliably 24/7 so you can operate your business without worrying about your software. We built our product on the best-in-class Amazon Web Services, meaning we have the capacity to support your growth, secure your data and push out continuous improvements without you experiencing any disruption
Seamless Integration with various & evolving compliance systems. The platform has been developed to rapidly integrate with any essential compliance system (State developed, or third-party State contracted) to enable appropriate reporting.
Ensure GAAP compliant accounting coupled with a reporting module that rolls up your financials across multiple locations and organizations for automated seed-to-sale reporting
Leverage the power of customizable solutions to suit your specific requirements and the power of integrated dashboards that beam specific information on your handheld devices

ERP - Modules

360-degree view of your most important data in real-time


  • Manage Growth Cycle​
  • Lifecycle management for specific strains​
  • Plan–Record–Track-Forecast​

Sales & Purchase Management

  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing​
  • MTO / MTS​
  • Credit Limit Management​
  • Supplier & Vendor Pricelist​

Material Resource Planning (MRP)​

  • Production and Material Planning​
  • Product Lifecycle Management​
  • Quality Management​
  • Maintenance Management​


  • Multi Location / Warehouse Management​
  • Logistics and Transportation Management​
  • Stock Movement Traceability​​
  • Inventory Valuation


  • Manage and ensure compliance standards across states or countries by integrating to multiple systems​
  • Updated system with relevant legislation and requirements for each city, state or country​
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements or any other required integration to external reporting systems​

& Finance​

  • Customer & Vendor Invoicing ​
  • Cash & Ledger Management​
  • Analytical Accounting​
  • Payroll Processing​